AR Space Station


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AR Space Station


Once your child has completed the whole Read Write Inc. Programme and can read at between 90-100 words a minute they will arrive at their final destination – AR Space Station.


AR stands for Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader is a programme that charts children’s progress in reading; testing how much of what they read that they understand.

Every term the children take a Star Reader test. This gives them a reading age and a range of books to read. They will get a number like 2.3 – 3.7. All the home reading books are levelled with a sticker telling them what level it is. They can read any books with a level that falls within their range, so a child with a reading range of 2.3 – 3.7 could read a book levelled 2.5 and find it quite straight forward or a book levelled 3.5 and find it a challenge. 

After they have read their book they take a quiz which challenges them to remember key events and characters in the story.

Here is an overview of the Accelerated Reader Programme:

Renaissance Accelerated Reader® Overview - Bing video


This is a video showing how the children take their accelerated reader quizzes:

How to Take an Accelerated Reader Quiz - Bing video


This video shows you how to find your own levelled Accelerated Reader books using AR bookfinder uk:

How to use AR bookfinder - Bing video

From the AR Space Station, the children can set out on journeys into a whole universe of books!