Blast Off with Blending


Blast Off with Blending


In order to really take off with their reading children learn to blend sounds to read words.

They begin by blending the sounds to read simple 3 letter words which contain a consonant-vowel-consonant combination such as red and cat. Learning to blend can be a tricky part of the reading journey and some children may need some individual support to learn how to do it. We help them learn to blend at school by using letter cards and magnetic letters.

This video will show you how to support your child with learning to blend: Click here to view


We use a frog named Fred to support children with blending. Fred can only talk in sounds. We call this ‘Fred Talk’. We play ‘Fred Talk’ games at school. The teacher will ask Fred what he says;, “ Fred says j-u-m-p!” The children listen and blend the word so that they know that Fred wants them to ‘jump’!

Here is Gary showing you how to ‘Fred Talk’ with your children when they begin blending to read words

Click here to view Gary showing you how to 'Fred Talk'