The Yellow Planet (Yellow Storybooks)


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The Yellow Planet

Yellow Storybooks


The Yellow Planet is one of the most important planets that the children visit. Although they may miss out some of the other planets if they are really rocketing they should all touch down on the Yellow Planet.

By the time they touch down here they have been taught all of the SET 1, 2 and 3 sounds. Yellow storybooks are all about building fluency which means getting faster at reading words with the sounds they know. When they start reading Yellow storybooks they also begin to spend more time on their writing and spelling. The children learn to proofread their work for grammar and punctuation. Instead of spending 3 days on a book they now spend 5 days doing a combination of reading and writing.

In order to move onto The Blue Planet children have to be able to read between 60 – 70 words a minute. 

If children are on track to achieve their end of year expectations they will begin reading Yellow books in the second half of the Spring term and the first part of the Summer term of Year 1.