At Weyfield Primary Academy, outcomes for our children are extremely important.

Reaching at least nationally expected outcomes will give our children the building blocks they need to be successful as they continue their journey through their educational experiences and beyond.Our aim to is ensure pupils meet and exceed national expectations in all areas. Our children are delightful, talented individuals who deserve the very best start in life. 

Summary of 2023 outcomes:

  Weyfield Results National Average Results
% of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics  63% 60%

Average progress in reading

+0.4 0.00
Average progress in writing +2.0 0.00
Average progress in maths -1.0 0.00
% of pupils achieving a higher standard in reading, writing and mathematics  10% 8%
Average scaled score in reading 104 105
Average scaled score in maths 102 104