The quality of teaching is fundamental to the success of our school. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your child is afforded every opportunity for academic success. Each class teacher is a leader in their own right and we aim to support and develop this key role.

Class Teachers

Our integrated approach to the national curriculum allows our teachers to teach a broad, rich curriculum together with the core subjects. We believe that depth of learning will lead to children having a broader understanding of the subject they are being taught, which in turn provides them with a more secure platform for further enquiry.

Learning Support Assistants

Your child will be welcomed into their class by various adults who will have an impact on their learning and development. Our learning support assistants are an integral part of our teaching team.


Mrs McClintock

Deputy Head Miss Hook

Academy Business Manager

Mr C Purnell


Early Years Foundation Stage

Reception Class Teacher

Mrs Badger - EYFS/KS1 Phase Leader

Learning Support Assistants



Mrs Wing

Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Bradbury

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Sullivan

Mrs Stevens

Year 2 Class Teacher Miss Redmond Early Reading Leader

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Sullivan

Mrs Moles

Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Shred Lower KS2 Phase Leader 

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Benjamin

Year 4 Class Teacher Miss Ridout

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Benjamin

Mrs Meredith

Year 5 Class Teacher

Mr O'Brien

Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support Assistant                                                                           

Mrs Gilbert

Miss Coates

Year 6 Class Teachers

Mrs Collyer upper KS2 Phase Leader

HLTA Mrs Cassidy

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Seadon


Inclusion Lead/SENCo

Wellbing Lead


Miss Byng

Mrs Knight



Sports Coach/HLTA

Mr Kurn


Specialist HLTAs

Mrs Moles – EAL


Office and Administration Staff

Ms Cole – Office Manager and Data Manager

Mrs Tott – Office Administrator

Mrs Tallant – Resources Administrator

Temp Cover  - Finance & HR Assistant 


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Shotter – Lead Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Pullen

Mrs Romaine

Mrs Cooke

Mrs Shotter


Catering Staff


Mrs Liuzzi - Catering Supervisor

Mrs Garczynski - Catering Assistant

Miss Dale - Caterning Assistant


Caretaker                                                   Mr Kevin Packham  


IT Manager                                                   Glenn Cooper PSD Group