Parent volunteers are always welcome. We acknowledge the value of children engaging with a number of adults with whom they can share their learning journey. At present we have a number of parents who volunteer at the school but would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to share in this experience.

If you would like more information or are interested in volunteering, please speak to Mrs McClintock, Miss Hook or email office@weyfield-tkat.org.

We would like to introduce you to our wonderful reading volunteers.                                                         

                                     Anne                                            Gail

                                                          Anne                                                               Gail                                                                

Anne: I have been listening to children read at Weyfield School for 10 years, since I retired from my full time job.  I wanted to make a contribution, in a very small way, to giving the younger children (in Years 1 and 2) greater confidence and enjoyment in reading and to help them prepare for their journey through life. I very much enjoy coming into Weyfield School each week, meeting the children, their dedicated teachers and teaching assistants and admiring the great variety of exciting and interesting activities in which the children are encouraged to participate.’ 

jean                          julie                                miriam                       

           Jean                                                           Julie                                                                Miriam

molly                          pauline                              colin

          Molly                                                         Pauline                                                              Colin

Molly: The reason I enjoy my Tuesday afternoon is seeing the improvement the children make and the delight on their faces when they can actually read!’         

Colin: ‘This is the best job I have ever had. I feel valued.’

 sue                            ruth

              Sue                                                            Ruth

Sue: After I retired I was keen to do something on a voluntary basis that enabled me to continue to interact with young children. As a reading volunteer, I really enjoy being able to contribute in some small way in helping young children enjoy books and become confident readers.’

Ruth: I volunteer to read with the children as I love reading myself and always have. I also think it’s such an important thing to be able to do as we need to read everywhere we go: bus timetables, signposts, forms to fill in, supermarkets…… the list goes on. I particularly like reading with year 1 as you see a real improvement from September to July.