The Red Planet. (Ditties and Red Storybooks)

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The Red Planet

Ditties and Red Storybooks


Once children can blend and read simple words they begin to read Ditty stories.

The first Ditties your child will read are on a sheet of paper. They are very short and they only contain words with sounds the children have been taught. Once they have read a few of these stories they will begin to read Red Storybooks. Each storybook contains 3 short stories that you can read together. They will also start to read some ‘Red Words’. These are words that contain unusual spellings that only occur very rarely in the English language such as ‘said’. If it was spelt as it sounds ‘said’ would be written ‘sed’.

The following video will show you how to read the Ditties and Red Storybooks with your children: Click here to see the video.


They will also start to write and spell words. 

Here is Sara demonstrating how we use ‘Fred Fingers’ to write and spell words: Click here to view how Sara uses 'Fred Fingers'


If children are on track to achieve their end of year expectations they will begin reading Red books in the Spring term of Year R.