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TKAT Wellbeing Week 21-25 June

June 2021

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

Message for the Whole School Community– Build A #NeuroNinja Webinars for parents & carers this term

We’re excited to bring you this term’s webinars.  Each week we will focus on a different skill within the three strands of becoming a #NeuroNinja.  Our work involves supporting every young person, parent, carer, child and member of staff to learn about the 3 Strands and 10 Skills of being a #NeuroNinja.  To find out more visit our You Tube channel.

All webinars start at 8pm and run for 30mins, there’s always time for questions at the end.  This term’s webinars for parents and carers are:

Well-Being Strand Webinars

Tue 22 June 8pm: Brain Science of Making Good Choices (1): GCSEs, College Courses, Careers

Wed 23 June 8pm: Brain Science of Making Good Choices (2): Responses, Peers Groups, Tech Use

Thu 24 June 8pm: Make Better Choices Net: How To Make Better Choices Everyday

Mind Management Webinars

Tue 29 June 8pm: Supporting Your Child With Change (1): Transition and Moving On and Up

Wed 30 June 8pm: Supporting Your Child with Change (2): Friendship Turmoils & Social Obsessions

Thu 1 July 8pm: Build A Balanced Response to Change

Unleashing Learning and Productivity Webinars

Tue 6 July 8pm: Summer Learning Loss Is Real: What To Do About It (1)

Wed 7 July 8pm: Summer Learning Loss Is Real: What To Do About It (2)

Thu 8 July 8pm: Avoid the Downward Spiral of Boredom and Meh This Summer


To sign up to the series – CLICK HERE


We take your privacy very seriously and will only use these data to let you know about these webinars.  Our GDPR policy is here.


Webinars are recorded so you don’t have to access them live, you can find them on the page for your school on our website – www.actionyourpotential.org.  You just need to become a member, instructions are here.  Once you’re a member click on the webinars button and find the school button and use this password: nntkat20 to access the recordings.


Every webinar contains actionable strategies to support every parent, carer, child and young person live inside their amazing brains with more joy, engagement and possibility every day.


You will remember our mission is to help everyone across the college community to learn all about their amazing brain to improve well-being, mind management and learning and memory.


Don’t forget there’s lots of advice and support on the AYP website and we will continue to support you, your children and the whole college community throughout the year.


Yours sincerely


Action Your Potential