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Update Wednesday 6th January 2020

Hi Everyone,
It’s been a very quiet day at school, I may have to start playing background chatter noise to fill the silence!
Home Learning
I hope you are all managing to have some access to our on line learning. This can be very frustrating for us all so please be patient and bear with us. The teachers will be working on the best type of activities to set and Miss Hook is continuing to work with you to remove any barriers that are preventing some of you from being able to access the tasks. We have been asked by some parents if we can have live lessons but unfortunately we are not yet able to roll these out and our focus needs to be making sure all children have access to some daily learning. That said, we will continue to work towards being able to do so and will let you know when this is possible.
In the meantime, there are several sites that you may find useful in addition to the tasks set on SMH or if you are still having difficulties logging on.
The BBC will be playing 3 hours of primary lessons on CBBC from Monday 11th
Also, the Oak Academy have lessons designed for all Key Stages and cover the National Curriculum
Joe Wicks is returning on Monday with his motivational PE for Kids 
We understand that this is not ideal and would much prefer to have all the children in school. However, it is important that we all do our part in keeping as many people as safe as possible. Remember, we are here to support you so please do not hesitate to contact us. Now that we have organised how school will be run for a while, both Miss Hook and I are absolutely up for a phone call – especially if you need a bit of support to persuade your children to complete their home learning or simply to explain what needs to be done 😊 Remember, on SMH children are also able to message their teacher directly, which will be invaluable for making sure they have the maximum benefit from their on line learning.
It feels in many ways that this lock down is more demanding on our mental health than before. Maybe this is because it’s colder and wetter or because we have already been through the experience once already.  Please do not feel you are on your own. School is open in terms of staff working and we are very much here ready to support you. Please contact the school via e mail or phone if there is anything you need. Even if that is just a chat. 😊
01483 598956
We really don’t mind.
Stay safe,
Janette McClintock