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Weekly update 28th August 2020

Hi Everyone!


It’s really exciting to be writing this week’s update. I hope you are all looking forward to returning to school next week as much as I am. It will be fantastic to see you all again.


The staff are back in school on Tuesday 1st September. We will be preparing the learning environments and making sure all our safety measures are securely in place for the children to return on Thursday 3rd September.

Please click here to read the Coronavirus risk assessment Primary Schools.


Start and finish times and where to go

YR           8:45        14:45     Front gate

Y1           8:30        14:30     Back gate click here to read Elm's letter 

Y2           8:30        14:30     Front gate click here to read Hazel's letter

Y3           8:40        14:40     Back gate  click here to read Olive's letter          

Y4           9:00        15:00     Back gate click here to read Pine's letter

Y5           8:50        14:50     Back gate click here to read Willow's letter

Y6           9:00        15:00     Front gate click here to read Maple's letter


Please make sure you do not stay on site for longer than is needed. For now, appointments to see members of staff need to be rearranged by phone or e mail and our office is not open to visitors that do not have a booked appointment. I’ve included all the year group letters that were sent at the end of the summer term for your information.



We will not be routinely wearing masks or face coverings in classes. Instead, we have other protective measures in place. Some members of staff who will work across bubbles will be wearing clear visors and other staff members may wear a visor if they wish. Children and adults are allowed to wear masks if they require. There are guidelines concerning the wearing and removal of masks. When on site, hands will need to be washed if a mask is touched. If removing a mask, touch the sides by your ears only, place disposable masks directly in a bag and put straight in a bin, if re-usable, the mask will need to be placed in a sealed container and put with own belongings to be taken home and washed. I’ve included the school’s current Risk Assessment and both the risk assessment and face covering procedures will be published on our web-site next week.


Breakfast Club

Breakfast club will be running from 8am until the time that your child needs to be in class. Children will need to sit at year group tables and not mix with children from other year groups during the time they are at the club. This is to comply with our need to not mix across bubbles while in school. We currently have places in all year groups, but please be sure to phone the school on Tuesday or Wednesday next week to book a place if it has not yet been confirmed as we cannot accept children turning up on the day.


I understand that some of our children may be feeling a little nervous about returning. It’s been quite some time since we’ve all been back at school. Please reassure your child that we have their best interests at heart and that they can ask for help if they are not sure about anything. I’ve included the social story on returning to school in a bubble... it’s been updated to be in line with our latest risk assessment and should help make you and your child feel more at ease with the expectations.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and very much look forward to seeing you all next week.


As always, keep being kind, patient and safe,


Janette McClintock