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Daily update 3rd June 2020 including the Covid 19 risk assessment for schools 03062020

Please click here to see the Coronavirus risk assessment for the school

Hi Everyone,

Today we have attached videos to help you talk to your child about some of the changes they may see coming into school. Thanks Mrs. Hook! Please select the ones relevant to your child. (Or if you miss Miss Hook, then please feel free to watch them all 😊). They will appear in separate messages on facebook/piota so please look carefully.

The other attachment is our risk assessment see above for the link – not so entertaining it’s true – but should give you a good idea of the measures we have put into place in order to minimise risks and keep everyone safe.

I thought it would also be useful to include some answers to questions that have been sent through –

  1. Do the children need to wear school uniform?

A:  No, there is no need as we are recommending that clothes are changed when the children return home from school and are washed every day.

  1. Can they bring handcream/ suncream/ sunhat/ raincoat etc

A: I know our weather is so unpredictable... we have asked for the children to bring their packed lunch only to minimise belongings from home in school. However, I do understand that there may be a need to bring additional items. All items where possible, will need to be worn into school or fit into their lunch box or bag. They will be able to keep these items on their designated desk or chair and only your child will be able to touch these items. This includes a change of clothes if you think it may be needed during the day.

  1. How will the children’s mental health be affected/supported?

A: This is a very important question. Children have been told that it is not safe to leave their homes for ten weeks or more. This is likely to have a lasting impression and it’s very important that we give plenty of opportunities for the children to share how they are feeling. They also need to have time to understand and feel secure with the numerous changes that have taken place in school and understand that some things such as story time, phonics play or singing can still be enjoyed (even though for now we will need to sit separately). The best place to see, appreciate and understand these changes will be in school. We completely understand that children and families may feel anxious about the changes but we are very patient and have put measures in place to reassure and help everyone be able to return to some kind of normal and to support your child’s mental health. Tomorrow we will send a social story that you can read together at home.

As always, we are very happy to answer further questions.

Stay safe,

Janette McClintock