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Daily update 14th May 2020

Hello Everyone! 

It was so nice to drive through the estate on my way to work this morning and to be back in school today! I was greeted by a very colourful playground - I was very well behaved and followed the signs and the bunting so that I came in through the right door! The school Gerbils Louis and Geoffrey are also looking forward to coming back home tomorrow. Louis has been practicing his escape artist routine and is looking forward to showing it off!

It has been great to stay in touch with updates on Piota and Facebook and seeing what everyone has been up to. How did you all get on with yesterdays quizzes? Daisy has made her own shopping bag this week! I wonder if she loves the Great British Sewing Bee as much as I do! Don't forget to keep sending us pictures.

Take care and be kind to each other!

Mandy Hook

Deputy Head.