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Daily update 13th May 2020


Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to say that we really appreciate everything you are doing at home to help keep your children going. Many of you are now accessing Show My Homework, completing the tasks set on Tapestry (YR) or finding other projects that help you all learn together. Please do not worry if you do not finish all the tasks set. If your child becomes anxious or there is tension between you and your child, please feel free to leave that task. You could return to it later if you wish or simply not complete it. As I have said before, teachers are very well equipped to identify gaps in learning and adapt the curriculum to suit the needs of the children they are teaching. Our teaching staff will be doing this when your child returns to school so please do not worry about your child not keeping up. At the moment, there is not a curriculum in place to keep up with and we would like every child to be in the same position when they return – i.e. ready to learn. The overriding memories that your child will treasure from their lockdown experience are the activities you did together, where you helped one another out, made mistakes together and laughed about it.

With this in mind, I have included two quizzes today for you to have a go at (thanks Mrs. Sullivan). Let me know how you get on, it maybe trickier than you think 😊

KS1 Quiz

Reception Quiz


Keep staying safe, being kind and patient.

Janette McClintock