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Latest HMI Report

Rapid improvements at Weyfield Primary Academy

Weyfield Primary Academy received its third monitoring visit on 24 and 25 June 2015 which was carried out by Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI).  Ofsted has recognised that ‘the school is making reasonable progress towards the removal of special measures’ and ‘pupils’ achievement continues to improve rapidly throughout the academy.  As a result, pupils in all phases are increasingly well prepared for the next stage in their education.’ 

We are pleased with the comments in the report which are very encouraging, the report includes the following feedback:

  • In Reception class, very rapid progress since Easter has ensured the proportion of children attaining a good level of development has improved markedly.
  • Similar improvement is being achieved in Key Stage 1. Here, the proportion of pupils achieving the expected scores in the national screening activities for phonics (the sounds letters make) has risen this year to be in line with the most recent national standard.
  • In Year 2, the proportions of pupils achieving the expected levels in reading, writing and mathematics are set to improve substantially this year
  • In Year 6, rapid progress this year means pupils are likely to achieve the overall progress expected during Key Stage 2.
  • Teachers’ assessment of pupils’ progress is increasingly accurate.
  • The behaviour and safety of pupils around the school and at social times has become a real strength of the school.
  • Leaders are taking effective action to improve teaching, with continuing support and challenge in place where required. The headteacher sets ambitious targets for all pupils and staff, rightly expecting the best from everyone.
  • Under the knowledgeable leadership of the Chair and Vice-Chair, the governing body is developing its skills and operation well and is forward looking.

The Headteacher commented: ‘We are very pleased with the recognition of all the hard work undertaken by pupils and staff throughout the year. Pupils have responded exceptionally well to the challenges set and are on track to reach even better standards of achievement in the years to come. The comment in the report about behaviour is a true testament to our pupils’ attitudes to school and to the support from parents. The backing we have received from parents and their willingness to take part in activities to help children with their learning, has been a tremendous boost for the school this year.

Chair of Governors Clare Collins commented: ‘To see the children now making such good progress is a testament to the high expectations, professional attitudes and total commitment of everyone at the school.  We look forward to even better next year.’

Ofsted has also identified that the Trust ‘has provided highly effective advice and guidance in Reception class and arranged for the useful review of governance’ and ‘Trust consultants have provided helpful validation of leaders’ reports about teaching, valuable support for the SENCO and effective training for teaching assistants’.

A TKAT spokesperson said: ‘we are pleased that this third monitoring visit recognises the continued progress that the school is making in raising standards.  Our commitment is to support every school to educational excellence and we are really pleased with the progress at Weyfield.’

To view the full report click here: HMI June 2015