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Update Monday 29th March 2021

Hi everyone,
We hope you all had a very enjoyable weekend.
Year 6 had some exciting news today. Their attempt to contact some favourite authors has paid off with replies from several including this signed poster from Joseph Elliott. Well done Year 6, keep honing those English skills. :)
Pick off and drop off times after Easter
We have had another look at the times to help minimise waiting around and have reduced the time between the first and last drop off - hope this helps 😁
Drop off                     Pick up
YR - 8:45                  2:45
Y1 - 8:40                   2:40
Y2 - 8:40                   2:40
Y3 - 8:45                   2:45
Y4 - 8:50                   2:50
Y5 - 8:45                   2:45
Y6 - 8:50                   2:50
This will be in place from the first day back after the Easter break on Monday 19th April. All of our other requirements and restrictions will still be in place until further notice. Make sure your children stay with you and that they do not access the play equipment during these times. We still need to sanitise the equipment between different bubbles and are likely to need to do so for several weeks after the break.
Thank you Active Surrey!
Active Surrey have kindly donated some Easter activity packs for KS1 and Y3. We will be sending one pack home per family. They are full of useful ideas to help keep the children busy over the 2 week break.
Y6 Residential and trips
We had some promising news today... if the easing of restrictions go ahead as planned, we are likely to be able to continue with our plan to take Y6 on their residential trip this year. If you have any concerns or queries, or have changed you mind about whether your child will attend, do not hesitate to contact Mrs Collyer.
Hopefully, we will also be able to start looking at other trips and visit very soon. 🤞 Now that feels so much better!😁
Stay safe everyone!

Janette McClintock (she/her)