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Update Wednesday 10th February 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and hopefully enjoying some of the sunshine today. I always find this time of year uplifting - the first signs of Spring and the hidden potential it promises.  
Learning resources for remote learning

We are really looking forward to seeing some of you when you pick up your child's new set of reading books this week. After talking with the teachers, we have also included some exercise books, pencils and a whiteboard and pen to help with the flow of the live sessions. Please use these for any of your home learning.

IT update
This week we have been having some technical issues with connections, particularly during live meets. Apologies for this and thank you for your continued patience and support. We are having a significant upgrade to our broadband (starting Feb half term) which will hopefully resolve all the current difficulties. If your child's teacher is frozen for more than a couple of seconds or drops out of the meet completely, please disconnect the call and reconnect 3 minutes later. This will make it easier for the adult to reconnect and resume the session. Also, if you begin a conversation with a person at home while waiting for the issue to be resolved, please ensure the mike is muted as often the sound can be heard even when the picture is frozen.

Children in School
Due to an increase in demand for places in school, we have reviewed our criteria for how we will prioritise places. They are based on the following Government guidance - Restricting attendance during the national lockdown: schools
Critical worker criteria is outlined here - Children of critical workers and vulnerable children who can access schools or educational settings 

Our criteria in order of priority -  

Children with one parent at home who is a critical worker
Children with two parents at home and both are critical workers

Children who have an EHCP

Children whose family is supported by Children’s Services

Children who are considered to be vulnerable for the following reasons - 
. experiencing housing difficulties

. have other significant SEN needs that make home learning difficult

. have difficulties accessing home learning due to technical challenges

. at the providers and local authority's discretion

Children with two parents at home and one is a critical worker

We will be contacting any families affected directly in the next couple of days.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, questions or comments.
Stay safe,

Janette McClintock (she/her)