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update Thursday 4th February 2021

Hi Everyone,
Today for Children's Mental Health week, I wanted to pass on a youtube clip (click here to see)  raised by Mrs Sullivan. The clip shows some children being taught the power and importance of determination, resilience, constructive criticism and developing the skills of editing and improving. It is a powerful way to explain to children the following ideas - 
. do not expect your first attempt to be perfect, it is not likely to be for anyone
.trying again is likely to improve the end result and worth a go
.other people can give you ideas on how to improve your attempts and this is ok and often helpful
.take a risk, it doesn't matter if it doesn't work out perfectly the first time, you can try again
.repeating an activity (practice) will make you better at it
Try watching the clip together and see what comes out of the discussion. The children in Y2 loved it! 😁
TT Rockstar Challenge - message from Mrs Collyer
Well done everyone who is competing in our Times Table Rockstar Battle between year groups. At the moment Y5 are clearly in the lead with 278 points, but it's not over yet!
Year 1 next week
We have had another member of staff in Y1 with a positive Covid19 test result. As this member of staff was already isolating, it does not affect the rest of the children or staff at school in terms of tracking close contact but does make us rather short staffed for next week in this bubble. With this in mind, we will need to reduce the time the Y1 children are in school next week to 8:50-12:35. This will allow Mrs Bradbury to be able to prep and respond to children who are learning remotely and finish her planning and resourcing for after half term. The Y1 parents of children in school will receive a letter with more details tomorrow, but for transparency and giving you as much notice as possible, I thought I'd pop it in the update. 


Thanks again for your continued support - you're all doing a great job!
Stay safe,


Janette McClintock (she/her)