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Weekly update 27th November

Hi Everyone,

Been seen and be warm

As the weather is becoming colder and the nights are drawing in, please be mindful that your children need to be able to wrap up warm during the school day. We are continuing to ventilate rooms and have regular exercise breaks out doors during the day. If your child needs a coat, there may be one in our Coat Bank. Please contact the office or Mrs Knight for more details. It is also extremely important that your children can be seen. Reflective strips on coats/ accessories and bags are all really useful for keeping children safe when walking to and from school.

New restrictions

By now, you are probably aware of the new tiered restrictions that will come into place next week. At present, they should not affect us and our current practises greatly. I would like to remind everyone though of the importance of rigidly following the rules that we do have in place. When dropping of and picking up – please make sure your children stay with you at all times. It is really important not to arrive early. Coming through the gate as your child’s classroom door is due to open is perfect. There is no need to have to stand in line and wait for the 10 minutes before hand. This would really help us to reduce the amount of unnecessary interactions on site.

As cases of COVID19 continue to rise both nationally and locally, it is reassuring to note that data continues to show transmission of the virus between young children or adults and children is low. The greater risk is transmission between adults or older children. We will be revisiting and revising our Risk Assessment to ensure we have put all sensible measures in place and that our own procedures are robust. It is exciting to think that we may soon be able to mix more freely with our friends and family, but for now please be cautious, follow the Government’s guidelines and help keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.

I’ve included a useful link that helps to explain about the need for ventilation indoors.



It is with great sadness that we say farewell to Mrs Follows. She has worked at the school for 25 years – an amazing achievement by anyone’s reckoning. Sue Follows has supported numerous children to flourish and succeed and is an inspiration to us all. We will miss her greatly. To make matters worse, she is currently not able to be in school so we cannot give her the send off she deserves. Please be assured that we will make up for it later 😊. I’m sure you will join me in sending her the very warmest wishes in all her future adventures. Good Luck Mrs Follows!

Christmas cards

Some of you have been asking if the children can bring in Christmas cards for their friends. As you can imagine, this causes us a dilemma but is not completely impossible if we all follow the same rules.

  • Children can only give cards to people in their own class.
  • Cards are to be in a tied carrier bag and put in a box in the classroom.
  • Cards will need to be in class by Friday 11th December.
  • They will be left over the weekend and distributed just before home time on Monday 14th December.
  • Cards can not be given out or exchanged on site in any other way including on the playground or in the corridors.
  • Cards will not be collected after Friday 11th December.

I’m sure you can appreciate the risks and therefore, the necessary procedure. Thank you in advance for  your co operation.

Thank you

We have had the most amazing gift this year. Nicki Vardy from our PTFA entered us in a competition and we have been given a Christmas tree. We hope to pick this up next week and display it in an area outside where most of you will be able to see it. Thank you Nicki, this was very thoughtful and will be enjoyed by many.

Please keep asking questions, it’s really useful to have your input. We hope you have a very enjoyable weekend.

Stay safe,

Janette McClintock