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weekly update 13th November 2020

Hi Everyone,

Well it’s been another busy week here at school. The children are continuing to work very hard and we are very pleased with the progress they are making, particularly in reading. I’ve included a couple of examples of the responses our Y6 children had to their class book Fire Girl, Forest Boy by Chloe Daykin to brighten your day – marvelous job Y6!

Attendance and educational progress

There is much talk at the moment around how much learning time was lost during the first lockdown and the gaps that have arisen within children’s education. Rest assured we continue to make ongoing assessments of the children’s understanding and knowledge so we can adapt our curriculum to best suit their needs. It is important, however, for all families to ensure their children attend school as often as possible so as not to hinder this progress further. Regular, daily attendance allows for children to learn new skills and consolidate these by applying in different contexts. Sporadic or blocks of absences interferes with this process. This is why we will be continuing to apply fixed penalty notices if you choose to remove your child from school for incidences such as holidays for 10 sessions (5 days) or more.

Mrs Badger

I have spoken to Mrs Badger and although she is still feeling a bit poorly, hopes to be well enough to return to school on Monday. We are so pleased she is feeling a bit better. 😊

Go Read App

We have introduced a new way for you to monitor and record your child’s reading. You should have received the details from your child’s class teacher. They have copies of all the details if you need them so please ask if you have not received yours yet. Miss Hook is on the front gate every morning if you are having difficulties with the app – she’s a bit of a whizz!


Some of you had contacted us about fundraising for Children in Need today. As this coincided with our fundraising for the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal this year, we decided not to do both at the same time. Both are such worthy causes but we felt Children in Need was more widely publicised and easier for children to access and contribute to from home. We hope you are able to join in with the fun this evening.

Wishing you all a very relaxing weekend.

Stay safe,

Janette McClintock