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 Hi Everyone,

Today’s message has needed to come at short notice due to Government guidance changes and some staff needing to isolate. I will keep it simple on purpose but please feel free to contact us to talk about any concerns it may rise for you if you need additional information.

We have needed to make some staff changes. These are as follows:


Y1/2  Mrs Sullivan will be working in both Y1 and 2 as of tomorrow. This will make the Y1 and Y2 classes one bubble.

Y3/4   Mr Kurn will be working in both Y3 and Y4 as of tomorrow. This will make the Y3 and Y4 classes one bubble.

Y5/6   Mrs Seadon and Mrs Cassidy will be working in both Y5 and Y6 as of tomorrow. This will make Y5 and Y6 classes one bubble.

I have made this decision as the alternative was to disrupt learning further by sending different classes home for different periods of time, causing much uncertaintly. By extending the bubbles, I hope to be able to keep all year groups in school full time. I understand that some of you will feel some anxiety about this and I am very happy to discuss individual cases with you personally. I also understand that it can be stressful to have to make decisions about your family’s health needs at short notice. On the other hand, I know that many of you will be grateful to be able to continue sending your children to school.

I believe that this is the best decision for the majority of our children at present as the uncertainty of whether they can attend school can be stressful for them. Please be sure to contact either myself or Miss Byng to discuss any and all concerns you have about this change. It is much better to talk to us directly as we can give you the answers and help you make informed choices that you may need to make for you and your families.

Thank you once again for your co operation and support. It’s very much appreciated.

Stay safe,

Janette McClintock