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Safety measures reviewed, dropping off,picking up and lates

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Hi Everyone!

 Thank you so much to all of you who are being extra careful to follow our new safety measures when dropping off and picking up. As you may know, the cases of Covid 19 are rising both nationally and locally, including more cases in young people and children and I take the responsibility of keeping everyone as safe as I possibly can very seriously. This message is direct but I’m sure you’ll understand that it’s really important to make sure everyone is very clear about the expectations in place.

 We have a number of local schools who have had a child with a positive test result. It is more important than ever that we all follow the safety measures in place -

 Enter through your designated gate no more than 10 minutes before your child’s start time. To avoid waiting, reduce this time to the least amount possible.

 Use the floor markings to stand 2 meters from people who are from different households at all times, even if your family is in a social bubble outside of school.

 Stand on a line to help keep your distance.

 Children need to be with and next to an adult or responsible sibling.

 If you have children who find it difficult to stand still on a line, arrive later and join the queue just before your child’s year group door is due to open.

 Absolutely, no climbing or playing around the bike shed/ gym equipment or climbing frame.

 Spread of the virus

We are still following the 2 meter social distancing rule during drop off and pick up times so that no other precautions such as face coverings are necessary.

If you need to talk to a member of staff and they turn their face away from you, please be reassured that they are still listening. There is less of a risk of spreading the virus if conversations are held in a side to side position or back to back. This is something that we are now getting used to in school but I admit, at first, it seems a bit strange. Also, they will try to keep face to face conversations short as this also helps to minimise the transmission of the virus.

 Please remember that the virus is spread by droplets in the air or those left on surfaces. Everything that is touched needs to be sanitised – including things such as artificial grass if touched by hands. You will be helping us greatly by keeping your children with you at all times, away from the outside equipment and encouraging them not to touch things unnecessarily.

 Year 5

The year 5 queue still seems to be the most problematic as it is very close to the entry and exit point of all other groups using the back gate. I will be reviewing and revising measures here as they do not seem to be working well. For now, if you have a child in year 5, only queue here for the 10 minutes before 9 am, stand on a designated line, keep your children with you and follow the markings round to drop off and pick up. The exit point is in front of the bike shed. Do not stand here as it will obstruct the exit point for all in the queue.

 Waiting on site

Currently, we need to pay strict attention to waiting times. I originally asked that adults and children leave the site and only enter 10 minutes before the next drop off time. This now needs to be strictly enforced. If you have more than one child to drop off and there is more than 10 minutes before the next year group door is due to open, please leave the site by the most direct route and re enter the site no more than 10 minutes before the next drop off time. Hopefully this measure will help us to avoid another partial or full closure so although inconvenient, I’m sure you’ll agree that the extra effort is worth it.


If your child is late to school and the door they access their bubble though is open then they can go in, put their belongings away and go straight to their teacher. Parents are not permitted to go into the building unless through the main office and by appointment. If your child is late and the door they access their bubble through is shut, please take them round to the main office (through the carpark if necessary) wait on the lines outside and a member of staff will come out to meet them.

 I’m sure you can appreciate that measures may change, become stricter or lessen as the number of cases rise and fall. I’d like to thank you all for your continued support and in advance for your co operation in these matters.


Kind regards


Janette McClintock