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Daily update 24th June 2020

Hope you are all well and enjoying this amazing whether. I was very tempted to include a clip of the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz – “I’m melting!” but she is a bit scary, 😊 I’ll enjoy my evening dog walk though, should be a bit cooler by then.


These will now be sent out to you next Friday along with notification of your child’s new teacher and classroom. I’ve very much enjoyed having the opportunity to do some ‘normal’ planning and look forward to sharing it all with you. Reports this year will look different from normal. We will be able to comment on attainment and progress until March only. Let’s hope that in September the children’s education is not too disrupted so we can get back to making sure everyone is accurately assessed, can catch up if needed and make the right amount of progress.

Social story click here to read.

I’ve  included the Coming back to School social story we sent a few weeks ago. Some children will be returning to us for the first time next week. We really look forward to seeing them and do not want them to worry about any of the changes. The children currently in school have all coped marvellously well and seem to be having a whale of a time back with their friends as well as learning lots with their teachers.

Tomorrow we will send the videos of what it will look like when you come into school and where to wait before going into school, including the two new routes.


Thank you all for being an amazing community to work with. Keep being patient, kind and looking out for one another.

Stay safe,

Janette McClintock