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Daily update 4th June 2020

Hi Everyone,


We received some amazing art work from Olive Class today – well done guys! We’ve included a few examples from Marley, Oliwia and Jack and I’m sure you’ll agree, they have done a fantastic job.

Well, we’re now coming to the end of our preparations to be able to have some more children return next week. Today we have included a story (click here to read it) that you will be able to share with your child(ren) at home to help them prepare for the changes that they will find in school. We will also use this story at school when needed. We hope you find it useful.

I was asked today -  How many children will be in my child’s bubble on Monday?

Strangely (like many things at the moment) there is not a straight forward answer...

For YR and 1, we have arranged children into bubbles of 15 (half the class) then split this bubble into two so they are using two different learning spaces. So they will be in smaller groups of 7 or 8. As many families are finding it challenging to decide if they would like their children to return or not (this is completely understandable under the current situation and not a decision to be taken lightly) some groups may be as small as 2 or 3 on Monday. We are expecting things to change fairly rapidly with more parents able to send their children into these bubbles over the month of June. I think it highly likely that most places will be taken up in the YR and Y1 bubbles over the next few weeks.

For Y6 it is the same but their group size will be 9 or 11. This is space dependent so that they are able to socially distance when in the classroom. On Monday we are not expecting all the children to return straight away and are anticipating the group size will be more like 4 or 5.

We are really looking forward to seeing more of you and although there are no definite plans as yet, I have started thinking ahead so we can start preparing to increase the number of children and year groups in school when we are able to do so.

Hope you are all still keeping well. Don’t forget to let us know if there is anything you need. We are more than happy to help.

Stay safe,

Janette McClintock