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Daily update 29th May 2020

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Hi Everyone,

Another busy day at school, making preparations for the return of some more children from 8th June.

Mrs Hook has been very busy marking out the playground and making sure there are not too many things out that will need cleaning every day. It’s been quite a mammoth task! She has also taken videos of what that might look like and we can share those with you next week. Today, we have begun to send out the letters to YR, Y1 and Y6 with the details they will need to know for when they return. All children from the designated year groups will receive these letters whether they are intending to return from 8th June or choose to wait a little longer. This means that their place is open and still available for when their family feel it is safe to return. If you have originally told us that your child will not be returning to school on 8th June but have since changed your mind, please do not hesitate to let us know so we can arrange for their start date.

Many people have asked me about how we will provide for the children’s emotional well-being. Supporting positive mental health is a key issue for our return to any kind of normality. Children have been told it is unsafe to leave the safety of their homes since March and this is likely to leave a lasting impression. The return to school is also likely to raise many questions as it will feel and look a little different to the school the children are used to. We will be planned and prepared for this. The details in the return letter will be a good starting point to help prepare your child as it contains photos of what can be expected. In addition, we have planning in place that will help support the children’s mental health on their return to school and our initial focus will be on transition into the new learning environments as well as opportunities to discuss the impact of lockdown on the children and their families. Next week, we will be able to send you further resources to help you talk to your child about returning to school that you will be able to use when the time comes.

Lockdown challenge update:

Thank you all very much for your support for my May Challenge – I’ve now completed 2010 flights of stairs, only 563 to go 😊

Well, I hope you all have a very enjoyable weekend. Remember to follow the Government’s guidance on social distancing, keep smiling and stay safe,

Janette McClintock