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Daily update 22nd May 2020

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Hi Everyone, What fabulous messages Joey has in his poems... Thank you Joey, we hope that we can see you again very soon too! Mrs McClintock’s lockdown challenge! I’ve been inspired by all those amazing people doing something useful during the lockdown including the wonderful Captain Tom Moore and our very own delightful Mrs Sullivan. My Month of May challenge is to climb the equivalent distance of the highest mountain in Africa – Kilimanjaro. In my quest, I’m also aiming to help support CATTS – a charity that helps support the NHS by raising awareness of symptoms of cancer for young people. Please check them out on twitter or facebook – CATTS, Cancer Awareness for Teens and Twenties – and share with your family and friends. Their messages are really accessible for people of all ages but particularly for young people and there is much concern at the moment that some symptoms may be being missed. Kilimanjaro stands 5,895 meters above sea level but no matter how hard I’ve tried... I just can’t seem to book a flight! 😊 so it’s up the stairs I go... during the month of May, I’m aiming for 2578 flights of stairs. So far I’ve managed 1610.... and I need a bit of inspiration. You could help me out by: 1. Creating a flag that represents the positives of the lockdown for you and your family. It will help spur me on to know I will be able to wave them when I ‘reach the top’. 2. Send encouragement in the form of a photo, video or message. I really miss you all and knowing I have your support would make a world of difference. 3. Definitely not necessary unless you really would like to... I’ve included my justgiving page if anyone would like to donate a small amount. All contributions would be very gratefully received by CATTS. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/janette-mcclintock1 Well it’s officially half term so no home learning is expected from us until Monday 1st June. I’m not entirely sure what you will have planned for next week (that isn’t different from the previous ‘school’ ones) but I hope you are able to have some fun family time, relax a little and build some wonderful memories. There will be some staff in school next week (apart from Bank Holiday Monday) so please continue to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. If you have already passed a Show My Homework issue on to us, we have logged them and will hopefully have them all resolved by the end of next week. Stay safe and keep well 😊 Janette McClintock Headteacher