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Daily update 23rd March 2020


We hope you are all well. We’ve had a very quiet day here at school and are thinking of you all.



 Please remember that your main priorities are:

  • Following the Government’s guidance on social distancing and isolation if needed.
  • Staying calm and relaxed. We understand that many of you will be feeling anxious, this is completely understandable. Spend time having fun with your children. Their positivity and kindness often knows no bounds which is why we enjoy working with them so much.
  • Completing your own work commitments.

If you are finding it useful to have work that your children can complete at home then that is great but do not think that this is a priority at present. The tasks that we sent home last week are there to help if you need them.

Show My Homework

We are just waiting for details on individual passwords to be sent  out and we will be able to pass these on to you with further instructions. Again, please do not worry about what this might look like for now, we will be here to talk you through it and give you as much time as you possibly need.

 It is important to remember that you are not expected to keep your child up to date with their learning. On their return to school, the Government will adjust what is expected of children in light of how long the school is closed for; teachers are very skilled in being able to identify gaps and adapt the curriculum to suit the needs of individuals. There is a lot of advice and suggested activities in social media at resent. Use the ones that appeal and are helpful to you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, just ignore them, curl up with your child and read a book. I personally loved building dens with my two – grab a sheet or blanket, a few pegs and there you have it.

 Remember, we are here if you need us.

Janette McClintock