Celebration of the Star of the week

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This page will be updated weekly to celebrate the wonderful achievement of receiving the 'STAR OF THE WEEK AWARD'  6th March 2020


'STAR OF THE WEEK AWARD' 13th March 2020

Yr R Reception..... Freddie and Paddy

Yr 1 Elm/Larch.....Bella and Lucy

Yr 2 Hazel.....Syed and Al-Layth

Yr 3/4 Cherry.....Jake and Lilly O

Yr 3/4 Pine.....Daisy and Summer

yr 3/4 Olive.....Jawad and Ruby

Yr 5 Willow.....Danna and Christian

Yr 6 Maple/Walnut....Jonny, Shannon, Lola and Jack