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On Friday 24th February 2017, over 90 pupils in years 4 and 5 chose to make their Scouts' promise and be invested into 1st Weyfield's four Cub Packs: Hawks, Kestrels, Falcons and Eagles. Since then, our group has grown to 6 packs of 140 Cub Scouts, which is an amazing achievement! 

1st Weyfield is an officially registered closed Scout group in the Guildford West District. We worked for almost a year with the Scouts Association to implement Scouting at Weyfield, which we believe will provide our children with life-changing opportunities. You can read more about the positive impact of Scouting on children's lives in this independent report, published Jan 2018: 'Changing Lives, Strengthening Communities: The Scout Association's 2017 Impact Report'.

Scouting at Weyfield takes place every Friday afternoon from 1.15-2.45pm for pupils in years 4-6. We are using several different measures to capture the impact of Scouting on pupils' self-esteem, confidence, attendance and engagement with their wider learning; this is a key part of our core foundation 'building character' and integral to achieving 'academic excellence'. The impact of Scouting will be reviewed by SLT and the governing body at the end of the year, when a decision will be made about the expansion of Scouting to other year groups. 

Our weekly timetable is structured to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum for all pupils, which means that Scouting is able to enhance and improve their school experience and personal development. The Cubs will work through programmes of activities to achieve different badges e.g. Entertainer, Digital Explorer, International Awareness and Athletics. Ten members of staff are now trained Scout Leaders and collaboratively plan these programmes.

We have already started to make exciting links with other local groups and packs and would love to work with more, so please get in touch! 

Here's what some of our newly appointed Sixers and Seconders have to say about Scouting:

"I like Scouting because we get to take part in fantastic activities that we don't normally get to do. I really enjoyed making a Shrek theatre and acting out the characters' parts. I was chosen to be a Sixer and am very proud because I am the captain of my team and have to lead by example. I also get to lead the Grand Howl with my Akela. Being a Sixer has also helped me to be more confident and believe in my ability to complete and participate in activities even though I may not have done them before, but now I realise that I am good at them! In the future I'd like to take part in survival training, abseiling and zorbing!" - Sanchia, Y5

"I like Scouting because it is fun and because my team listen to me so nicely. I enjoy pulling the flag up and down at the start and end of each meeting." - Lance, Y4

"I like Scouting because it's a new and exciting and it gives me a chance to get excited every week. I'm proud to be a Seconder because I'm in a trusted position. I enjoy the games like blink murder" - Jamie, Y4

"I like Scouting because I like doing activities and it's fun to count all the badges. I'm happy to be a Sixer because we are allowed to help and I do like helping out. One activity that I have enjoyed is sewing because I have never sewed before so it was a new experience. I would like to do some camping too!" - Aaron, Y5