School Council

Weyfield's School Council is made up of 1 representative per class in years 2-6. Our councillors are democratically elected, by members of a different class, after giving a short, prepared speech on what they would bring to the important role of school councillor. Our Head Boy and Girl are the heads of our school council and lead the meetings and the decision making process.

So far this year the School Council have produced and sold a school magazine raising money for Challengers our local school charity and they have organised and run a successful charity day for our international charity, School in a Bag,raising over £300. This involved taking a whole school assembly, planning, resourcing and running after school events and stalls to raise money, the highlight of which was the pie face competition against the teachers!

They are now busy planning an event for UK parliament week in the Autumn.

In addition to all this the School Council represent the voice of their own class and regularly take feedback and suggestions from class members to the Council meetings and share these with staff so that we can make changes to our school. They also meet with governors and visitors to school. They are fantastic ambassadors for Weyfield!